The International Institute for Systemic Stress Management

The Institute for Systemic Stress Management is a solution and competence center of an international team of highly qualified individuals such as medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, organizational developers, philosophers, adult educationists, health managers.

As trusted coaches, counselors, and consultants of the Institute we are working out together with you personalized solutions to master your challenges and lower your stress level. In order to do so we also use effective constellation work techniques.

by thisandjazz. Singer: LiLA Herderberg aka Mag. Sylvia Fruhmann

On the evolutionary threshold:
It is about finding the right balance in your life again and to level the way to get into the flow. And if you do so this also will systemically change your whole situation, your whole environment to the better. Your family, your company and society in general will be affected in a positive and holistic way through the changes you make. WARNING! If you pass this evolutionary threshold there is no way back, because evolution of consciousness is just heading in one direction.

In order to do so the Institute relies on the individual competence of its coaches, counselors and consultants as well as its associated members worldwide.

by LiLA Herderberg & Blue Gecko. Singer: LiLA Herderberg (Mag. Sylvia Fruhmann)

In our New Systemic Leadership Training Center you expand your knowledge about yourself implicating self-consciousness, Sensitivity, Self-Knowledge, that means the knowledge about who you genuinely are, to become the next holistic and systemic thinking leader in your field. Your life energy, the universal life energy (Reiki, as the Japanese put it), is to be experienced in a practical way. In the Institute’s certificate training program you will harmonize your thinking with your feeling through silence. So in this silence you will get emotional and mental Self-Competence and feel the pleasure of being alive. It is all about your true self which is behind your personality, free of all hindering and false identifications and convictions. Then the change process from a human Ego to the eternal Ego starts: this is summarized in the sentence: Ego sum via, veritas et vita. This sentence from the Gospel of John is also carved in stone at the Saint Stephen’s Basilica (Svent István Bazilika) in Budapest.

In addition we work with many fields, principles and methods in the areas as: philosophy of science, psychology, systems theory, constructivism, fictionalism, secondorder Cybernetics, theory of self-organization, Huna, shamanism, yoga, Advaita, mental training, Reiki, mudras, Jin Shin Jyutsu, psycho-geography, medicine, health management.

by words of Peace Global. Public Speaker: Prem Rawat, UN Peace Ambassador

You will make contact with the Institute to get the right coach, counselor and consultant of your choice and profit from his/her expertise. It is all about your balance…